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  • Faggy

    A mild cigarette-style tobacco, perfect for your lighter smoker

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    A familiar full-tobacco perfected for the hand-rolled, pouched tobacco user

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    Mental Menthol

    A beautiful combination of menthol and subtle mint

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    Think RY-4 but 100 times better. Smooth tobacco with a sweet after-note

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    A robust cigarette-style tobacco for the determined smoker

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The only fruit in the S.P.Q.R range and we should know by now that what appears simple on paper is anything but when it comes to making a quality eliquid. In a single flavour are fathomless depths to probe but only the most skilled crafters can appreciate them and rarer still is the ability to recreate them. The profile for Scipio is below.

Become a Roman Hannibal with this unique blend that promotes internal strength and quick physical recovery. This swift pomegranate citrus mix provides a smooth yet comforting taste of glory. Experience the unique taste that is for any moment during the day, creating a classy, yet untouchable sense of virtue.

I'm not usually one for such elaborate frippery but S.P.Q.R have more than shown their credentials and if they have something to say about their line then who am I to say otherwise. Pomegranate is a rarely used fruit and citrus itself can often pose a problem if not handled with care but in the hands of S.P.Q.R could be a lovely addition to their line up.

Lid up - Smile inducing. Could anything be more honest than the natural reaction that comes when your senses are stirred. Pomegranate juice is one of those things that seems so smooth and sweet that it feels like it couldn't possibly come from nature but nature is beautiful and S.P.Q.R has paid homage to her creation with a perfect pomegranate juice.

Inhale - Like a reduced pomegranate ju the texture feels like a light syrup it flows with a beautiful consistency to lung. Instantly your taste buds are treated to a sweet pomegranate and a vision of a purple haze of vapour comes to mind, throughout the inhale the flavour intensifies to a crescendo at the apex where crystal specks of citrus cause a tingling sensation across the tongue.

Exhale - The thicker syrup edge melts into the citrus on the exhale and it tastes and feels like a tall drink you'd happily settle down with on a summers evening to enjoy the final hours of sunshine. Its crisp, clean and refreshing and as always finished in style.

Conclusion - What can I say that hasn't been said about the S.P.Q.R range already. The team who created this line have shown time and time again that they can produce fantastic all day vapes whether it's from complex and difficult profiles like alcoholic beverages to fruit and nut blends. Scipio is everything you'd want from a fruit vape and shows S.P.Q.R is in no rush to follow the herd and can produce fantastic vapes to the sound of their own drum.