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Moving from the extravagant Triumph range to the second (and slightly cheaper) range from the mighty blenders over at S.P.Q.R. Despite this range being cheaper it actually looks a far higher quality affair, clean and crisp with the time. Timeless. Bruno has a flavour profile I wasn't expecting to see in this range,

Celebrate the cosmological theories and take a taste that will open your palate up to an endless journey into the universe. Be infinite with this extravagant essence of milk and honey. Crafted to be as smooth and swift as the philosopher himself, this is a juice that inspires that the universe is infinite with no celestial body at its “center”. Promoted to organize memory impressions, improve recall and assist in the combination and invention of ideas.

....... Well, that was specific. It took me a few reads to get my head round what was actually going on and all the creative embellishments aside it's essentially a milk and honey vape. A few blenders have turned their hands to this flavour and met with varying levels of success but none have really shone and none of which I have ever gone back to. S.P.Q.R had a flawless victory in the Triumph range and I'm excited to see there interpretation of what should be a simple smooth blend.
Lid up - Now, usually here we talk about the various elements and how much of them come through and how realistic they are. I can't actually do that as the aroma smells nothing like milk or honey. A unanimous agreement of bubblegum is the conclusion drawn at the Vapestar team (and two random non vapers for good measure) and it's a bit of a headscratcher! I can't see how such a strong scent for something that isn't ment to be part of this juice will dissipate to allow milk and honey into the mix.

Inhale - Quality texture is something that's becoming synonymous with S.P.Q.R and Bruno keeps the trend going offering a pleasure inducing milky blend. A light creamy whole milk texture makes an obvious winning decision for this vape. It laps at your taste buds leaving a lingering caress imparting a complex flavour. The flavour itself took several vapes to unravel and even now it gets more and more revealing. The bubblegum weirdness is prevalent at first but as you vape off some of the liquid the milk texture is paired with Milk flavour, somehow the milk doesn't have sweetness so as you can imagine a natural milk flavour is extremely subtle but as you draw to lung a honey flavour starts to permeate the milk and with it a twisting sweetness.

Exhale - A lovely blend of honey comes forth with a delicate golden touch. Every blender using a honey addition to their vape that I've had to date has been too afraid to allow the honey to be used delicately, resulting in an overpowering sweetness and far too dense a flavour. Bruno has given a mere drizzle of nature's nectar to the light creamy milk and in doing so, allowing the vaper to explore the delicate layers of simplicity in the flavour. Of course it's finished with an equally beautiful cloud.

Conclusion - The aroma is still peculiar and I couldn't tell you what went into the blend to generate this but after it settles what Bruno imparts is simplicity of flavour in the most complex of ways. S.P.Q.R make no bones about allowing you to find the depths of the flavours here in your own time. It doesn't rob you of the simple joy of experiencing a vape without the need of ramming excessive concentrates into a bottle, it's an adult e liquid for those who doesn't need garish colours or sprinkles on their food. A deep and thoughtful vape for the thoughtful vaper.