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  • Faggy

    A mild cigarette-style tobacco, perfect for your lighter smoker

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  • Rolly

    A familiar full-tobacco perfected for the hand-rolled, pouched tobacco user

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  • Mental Menthol
    Mental Menthol

    A beautiful combination of menthol and subtle mint

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    Think RY-4 but 100 times better. Smooth tobacco with a sweet after-note

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    A robust cigarette-style tobacco for the determined smoker

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We are moving from the purity of milk and honey to the richer offerings of Lucius. I'm absolutely, unashamedly in love with the S.P.Q.R ranges so far and I have to say if I went by profiles alone, none of them are juices I'd have picked up at first glance and it would have been entirely to my detriment as they are unparalleled in quality. With two left I shall be savouring every moment I spend with them. The profile for Lucius,

Revolt and stand on the horizon with Lucius, this empowering juice provides all the necessities of a french vanilla flavor that is mixed with bourbon and characteristics of being aged in a fine oak barrel to give that crisp, yet inquisitive feeling of power and freedom.

A running theme of this range is a disguised simplicity. French vanilla and a bourbon oak, not my go to flavours previously (a fact that has been changed since S.P.Q.R has shown what flavour and skilled hands can do) but an absolute great pairing on paper. It'll no doubt have a heavy alcohol scent but I'm confident that Lucius will provide us with another smooth journey into the precarious alcohol vaping genre.

Lid up - I don't think I've ever had a blender manage to recreate french vanilla before. It's used frequently but it never carries the distinct characteristics that differentiates it from the likes of Madagascan vanilla. Of course S.P.Q.R have effortlessly (I'm sure that it took a great effort but the beauty of these ranges is that you would never know it) refined and condensed the lightly floral vanilla and attached it to a beautiful heady bourbon. Enough sweetness has been imparted to give the smokey oak an almost dessert like feel. Balance, perfected.

Inhale - A slightly thicker vapour than Bruno and given this is how I prefer my own liquids to vape I'm in heaven. The texture alone exudes confidence in not only the smoothness but also the striking flavour within. Beautiful with sweet vanilla has a liquid type feel to it. Those honey floral highlights associated with French Vanilla sing, reaching the apex of the inhale the bourbon is equally full flavoured with the complex oak low notes bringing depth and richness.

Exhale - The soft rolling texture is that of silk pouring caramel, if it had colour it would be golden with a pearlescent shimmer. This merging of texture and perceived colour is mimicked in the flavour, vanilla and smokey oak bourbon roll together and emerge with a satisfying rolling cloud.

Conclusion - it's difficult to find fault with any of the S.P.Q.R range. Taking extraordinary flavours and making them exceptional vaping experiences capable of being appreciated by any and all. The careful blend of Lucius allows French vanilla the credit it deserves as it's own entity (a challenge many other blenders have failed) and with equal skill offsets the potent bourbon in a liquid that you can vape all day if you wish but has a level of quality that would equally do as an after dinner vape.